The Center for Dispute Settlement is proud to announce that it was awarded a grant from Wells Fargo for its work on DC’s Foreclosure Mediation Program!


“Over the years the Center has developed various ways of settling disputes. All of these methods have featured the active participation of the people with conflicts in fashioning resolutions that meet their needs.”

Linda R. Singer, CDS Founder and President
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The Center for Dispute Settlement

Youth Mediation ProgramThe Center for Dispute Settlement provides innovative, collaborative and effective mediation and dispute resolution services and training, so that individuals and organizations can deal with conflicts constructively, strengthen their communication and improve their relationships, resulting in more functional and peaceful communities.

The Center has expertise in a full range of alternative dispute resolution services, among them mediation training, facilitation, organizational development, and the design of systems for resolving disputes.

Since 1971, when the Center was established as a nonprofit corporation in Washington, DC, CDS has applied negotiation, mediation, and other dispute settlement skills to settings involving public and private institutions, individuals, and the community.

The Center's renowned mediation training courses are offered several times each year.

Highlight: New 2015 Mediator Training Course dates just added!

Our 2014 and 2015 Mediator Training Course dates have been announced! Linda Singer and Michael Lewis will conduct Mediation for the Professional October 22-25, 2014 and March 11-14, 2015. The Advanced Mediation Training will be held May 14-16, 2015. Learn more about CDS' Mediator Training Courses…